Number 1:

If you have strong 1 energy in your profile you are here to be a leader, pioneer or innovator.  This is not the life to walk behind - you are the trailblazers.  You are here to create - to manifest, and to lead by example.  Courage and determination will be your friends as will independence and resourcefulness.  You are not to be a shrinking violet - this is the life to stand and be heard.  Others will follow you providing you temper your strength with humility.  You are not here to walk over people - you are here to lead them.  One energy is the "strongest" of the energies - physically and mentally.  They need to be!  A good leader is a strong one.  This strength comes from within - a quiet confidence, an assured approach and a self belief will see any ONE rise to enormous heights.

One energy does not rely on others - they are capable of standing on their own two feet - very capably.  This does not mean they cannot experience loving relationships they simply stand firm in their own sense of self.  They are capable of withstanding much pressure and coming us roses under stressful stituations.  They will always find a way - they are solution finders.

One energy can bring a dominating or controlling element.  Some 1 energy can appear intimidating and even too aggresive for some.  They can be very black and white - they will not change their opinion for anybody.  On the converse One energy can present as very insecure and needy.  A lack of self belief and self doubt can see these people becoming co-dependant.

Overall - the ONES are here to walk to the beat of their own drum.  They are unique and individual and they are constantly recreating themselves.  They are the masters of creation and reinvention.  They do not follow - they initiate.

Number 2:

Those with strong 2 energy in their profile are sensitive, caring and considerate.  Strong two energy people are here to co-operate with others - they are the team players.  They are the concilliators, the ones to keep the peace.  They can settle many an argument with their tactful and gentle approach.  Strong two energy people dislike aggression and tension - they strive to keep their environment peaceful and tranquil.  They work towards harmony and peace - an environment where manners and consideration is given to all.

Strong 2 energy people can easily interpret unseen energy.  They seem to know how you are feeling - they just sense it.  They are empaths - they are in tune with the feelings of others.  Two energy people love partnership - romantic, business and friendship.  They prefer to share rather than go it alone.  These people appreciate beauty - they are often drawn to tranquil and quiet environments. Strong two energy people display impeccable manners - they always consider others.  These people are here to share, concilliate, and co-operate with others.

Strong two energy people can struggle with their sensitivities.  Paranoia, over reacting and dramatic reactions can sometimes trouble these people.  Two energy people can be excessive worriers - especially about things that have not yet happened.  These people can sometimes become the door mat for others in their endeavours to "please". They have trouble with the word "no".

Overall these are the soft, gentle and considerate types.  Two energy people do not ruffle feathers as they prefer harmony and agreement.  Two energy people are considerate - they have wonderful manners and display tact and discretion.  These are wonderful people to have in your team.

Number 3:

People with strong 3 energy are the "entertainers" and "artists" of the number vibrations.  This number is very strong amongst the entertainment industry (Madonna has an excess of 3 energy).  Strong 3 energy people are creative in their outlook and approach - they tend to look outside the square.  These people are social butterflies - they love to chat.  Making conversation comes easily for 3 energy people.  These people are charming, delightful and fun to be around - the are often the life of the party. They can often be found telling jokes.  Many comedians have strong 3 energy.

These people are very creative - they are often involved in some form of creative craft.  They tend to be upbeat and positive in their approach - they are the cup half full people.  Strong 3 energy people will always see the positive in everything.  They can be the eternal optimists.

These people can sometimes succumb to depression and "gloom".  Isolation can sometimes occur - leading them to hide away under the doona to escape the world.  In some cases they can prove to be anti social and quite depressive.

Overall - 3 energy people are here to have fun.  Some say this is the nicest of all the numbers.  If it is lived correctly it can bring enormous joy and laughter.  These people can chat to anybody and hold an audience.  They are natural performers.

Number 4:

4 energy people bring back a sense of law and order.  This is the energy that asks for a sensible and dutiful approach.  Stay within the lines and follow the rules asks 4 energy.  This is the energy that brings grounding - a necessary grounding for our everyday life.  This energy asks us to think before we react, to demonstrate caution and restraint.  This is not a free flowng energy - however it is honest and real.  4 energy focusses on the truth - integrity is important to strong 4 energy people.  This energy asks for hard work but will reward with stability and safety.

These peole can sometimes prove a little stubborn or black and white.  No bending the rules or leaving the dishes unwashed.  They can be quite the perfectionists - which can become frustrating for others.  These people can sometimes fall into victimhood - Poor me, I have to work harder than everybody else.

Overall:  These are the stable, reliable and trustworthy people.  They will never miss a days work, they will turn up on time and they are honest and ethical.  They are sensible and will not shy away from a hard days work. These are the people you can rely on!

Number 5:

These are the "wild" and carefree people.  Strong 5 energy people can easily throw caution to the wind.  They are not afraid of change - in fact they welcome it.  These people can adjust to any environment - they are very flexible and quick on their feet.  They have quick minds and fast bodies.  Strong 5 energy people can have a contagious energy - they are always up for some sort of adventure.  They love travel, sport and any activity that challenges them.

These people can sometimes prove reckless and even illicit.  Addictions and compulsive behaviour can sometimes accompany this energy. Change for the sake of change because of a low boredom threshold can see these people wasting their talents.  These people can be good starters but have some trouble finishing.

Overall: This is an exciting energy.  These people are like a breath of fresh air.  They can be fearless and take the risks others dream of.  They are charming, infectious and their energy is often contagious.  They can change gears at the drop of a hat, and they can think on their feet.  These people are freedom loving souls.

Number 6:

This is the number that highlights our own approach to love and relationships.  Number 6 is our family, our children and our own heart centre.  This energy loves to love.  They are the natural caregivers - the nurse within is never far from the surface.  Nurturing comes easily and children just love this energy.  Romance and intimacy is important - this energy responds to a supportive and loving relationship and family unit.  A strong sense of family responsibility resides with strong 6 energy people - they are protective of the ones they love.

Loving too much can see these people losing themselves.  Becoming a fixer and an enabler is very common with this energy.  A strong need to be loved and accepted can see these people compromising themself.  These people can sometimes become a littel smothering or interferring.  Overprotective instincts may see these people keeping their loved ones on a tight leash.  On the converse this energy can see great difficulty with intimacy and affection.  They can sometimes shut down to love through previous hurt or resentment.

Overall:  These are the people who love to hug.  They are often comfortable with touch and affection and they have a knack of making others feel welcome and safe.  They are the natural counsellors being able to show guidance and support when needed.  Family and love will prove integral to these people.  They are to to love - unconditionally.

Number 7:

These are the philosophers in life.  Strong 7 energy people are often most comfortable in their own company.  A love of learning and a thirst for knoweldge is common in strong 7 energy people.  They are often seen as intellectuals.  They often have a strong interest in metaphysics and spirituality - a search for deeper meaning often resides within these people.  An old soul energy often surrounds these people - they are usually mature beyond their years.

Strong 7 energy people can sometimes appear "different" to the mainstream.  In a sense they are - however they can often feel very misunderstood.  Lonliness can often accompany this energy - living a hermit like existence can sometiems be the result.  These people can struggle with trust - they are often on the lookout for hidden agendas. This can see them becoming rather guarded and withdrawn.

Overall: These are the deep thinkers.  Strong 7 energy people will often be found digging beneath the surface.  They love reading and studying - knowledge comes easily to them.  Learning to be comfortable and still in their own skin is the goal.  These people usually prefer being with like minded people - those who hold similar interests.  Making small talk is often difficult for these people.  These people have a depth of maturity and wisdom - it is important they share this with others.

Number 8:

These are the money makers! Strong 8 energy people have a strong potential to build great wealth and comfort in life.  They are astute with money and finances, they are often business savvy and they plan for the long term. These are the people who have a very solid retirement plan.  A strong sense of ambition often rules thesse people - they enjoy working their way to the top.  They are solid, dependable and often have a fine sense of taste and style.

These people can sometimes become victim to the dollar.  They can be known as frugal or even stingy - you will rarely find them in a shout.  At worst strong 8 energy people can become quite ruthless in the pursuit of "wealth and status". These people can also be prone to material wastage.  Retail therapy can often appeal to these people - they do like to keep up with the Jone's and as a result often live beyond their means.

Overall: If you want a good investor - see a strong 8 person.  These people enjoy status, comfort and wealth.  They are known to have quality tastes - they enjoy fine style.  They are solid, dependable and determined.  They will work very solidly towards their goals.  These people are often found running companies or living the high life.

Number 9:

These are the Mother Theresa's of the world.  Strong 9 energy people love to help others - especially the needy.  These people are compassionate - sometimes a little soppy.  They are soft hearted and will be the ones bringing home the stray animals.  Selfless and benevolent these people genuinely want to make a different and leave a footprint.

These people can sometimes become the classic guilt tripper - after everything I have done for you.  Martyrdom is sometimes seen with strong 9 people - they have a strong need to let everybody know how many sacrifices they have indeed made.  Giving is often tinged wiith agendas rather than pure selflessness.

Overall: If you need help ask a 9 person.  These are the people who are here to give time, money, energy and talents - with no complaint.  Kind, gentle and compassionate, these people can sometimes be a soft target - but their intent is pure.

Number 11:

The psychics and intuitives of the world.  These people are here to impart a message of some kind - they have strong visionary energy.  These people are perceptive, intuitive and acutely aware of unseen energies.  They are often ethereal or special in some way - there is often a glow that radiates from them.  These people are here to provide inight and inspiration to others.  There is often a "special" quality within these people and a great deal of power available to them.  The ultimate goal is to reach the world.

Anxiety, intensity and nervous tension often plague these people.  They can be known to be extreme or rather zealous in their views and opinons.  This energy can easily tip over the edge - the high level energy can sometimes lead to instabilities.  This energy can sometimes live in the clouds and lose touch with reality.

Overall: These people radiate an ethereal or special essence.  They are here to impart a message - they will have a meserising or captivating quality about them.  These are the psychics and meidums - the spirit talkers.

Number 12:

The Visionary of the world.  These people often have a vision way beyond the normal mainstream.  These people are capable of leaving a significant footprint in this world - they waill have a very special or powerful element to them.  Big picture people - they have a vision beyond most.

Anxiety, intensity and nervous tension often plague these people.  They can be known to be extreme or rather zealous in their views and opinons.  These people can sometimes lose touch with reality.

Overall:  These people can change the world.  They are powerful and compelling - they see a much bigger picture.  Not too good with the small details - they prefer to build grand structures - ones that can leave a positive impact on the world around them.  If lived correctly these people can indeed change the world.