Personal Intuitive/Psychic Readings with Deb Bull

A personal reading can provide you great guidance and relief in your time of need. Debra is an experienced Tarot intuitive who has been reading professionally for 18 years. She not only provides powerful and accurate intuitive and psychic messages she is also renowned for providing spiritual, philosophical and REAL life guidance and direction.

Debra has been developing her own psychic and channeling skills for many years and has a proven reputation that speaks for itself. She believes a reading should provide you with self empowerment and self realization. A Tarot reading is about awareness – being shown the paths that will serve you best. A reading can highlight the most likely outcomes based on current actions – you are presented a choice through a reading. Debra aims through her experience to provide you the “street directory” to life – and guide you towards the best possible outcomes – your highest choices. Only you can make your choices – a reader can only guide or suggest never insist. A reading with Deb should provide you with great relief, advice, direction and intuitive and spiritual awareness. Her purpose in a reading is to provide you with the self empowerment and the motivation to take charge of your own life.

Debra can assist with any of the following issues:
•Relationships – Intimate, family and friends
•Career – ideal vocations, identifying difficulties in the workplace
•Life direction – Feeling lost or confused
•Addictive, compulsive or habitual behaviour – Debra is a recovered Alcoholic (10 years sober) – she has a depth of experience and wisdom in this field
•Emotional difficulties – anger, resentment, co-dependancy, anxiety, panic attacks
•Past issues – this life and other lives
•Future direction
•Finding purpose and passion – overcoming boredom and apathy
•Toxic relationships – domination, control, dependence, manipulation.
•Fears – self doubt, jealousy, insecurities
•Material and financial difficulties and fears
•Spiritual potential and purpose – your higher purpose!

How much: (price increases for PERSONAL SERVICES in 2019 aim to reflect my 20 years plus experience along with keeping in line with current market prices)

30 minute reading = $60 (great for quick answers)

1 Hour Timed reading = $105 – Great for guidance, direction and insight

2 Hour Reading = $160 – for those who like to relax and take their time – look deeper into your psyche and understand your deeper patterns and behaviours. Enormous guidance and direction

Email Readings = $40 – Email Readings – with Deb Bull

Where: Soul Evolution – 9 Riviera Street, Seaford 3198

Phone or text: 0499 019 596

Email: enquiries@soulevolution.net.au

Web: www.soulevolution.net.au