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9 Riviera Street, Seaford, 3198

CONTACT NUMBER - 0499 019 596

2019 Classes and workshops

Wednesday evenings - 13th March 2019 - Meditation/Self discovery - Volume 1 - link

Sunday 17th March - REIKI 1 - with Deb Bull and Ruth Massas - link

Yearly Numerology Profiles - only $35 - Get the road map for  2019 - for more info click on the link

Sunday 24th March 2019 - Numerology 1 day workshop - with Deb Bull - link

Soul Evolution is a place for the people - a center that focusses on your own emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Created by Debra Bull in January 2010, Soul Evolution hopes to merge the mainstream and the alternative worlds into one of acceptance and harmony.  Spirituality is just common sense - the common sense that seems to have gone missing in today's high pressure world.  Soul Evolution is a centre designed to help and support you  reach your own highest potential.  

This is a place where you can "dare to dream" - a place where your dreams are nurtured and encouraged. Soul Evolution is across the road from the Beach and just behind the Riviera Hotel.  Kananook Creek sits to the other side of us offering lovely walking tracks and nature. Frankston central  is only 10 minutes away.  We are far enough away to offer space, peace and quiet but close enough to still be a part of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula community.  We are close to many of the lovely cafe's along Nepean Hwy - you can enjoy a Latte while enjoying the scenery of the beachside.

 The Center is very comfortable and has an inviting Conara in the main workshop area.  A sunny kitchen area provides a lovely place to make a cuppa and the outside undercover area provides the perfect place to enjoy your cuppa.  We have clean bathroom facilities along with a cosy reading and healing room. There is plenty of character and charm. The center sits opposite the beachside and Kananook Creek - perfect to find some tranquillity and peace.

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Mission statement

The mission of Soul Evolution is to provide the platform, resources and knowledge for all people, so they may reach their highest potential. Soul Evolution is a centre for the people – a place to feel safe, supported and inspired. The mission of Soul Evolution is to expand the imagination, belief and self awareness of others. Soul Evolution is a place for inner discovery and inner peace. A place where you can dare to dream!

Debra Bull - Founder

Tarot and Psychic Readings with Deb - A Tarot Intuitive Specialist with some 18 years professional experience.  Tarot is a Visual Storyteller - it tells the story of your life - Deb is KNOWN for her accurate and insightful readings AND her ability to "tell the story of your life" - Bookings are essential - Day, Evening and Weekend Appts available. Tarot has been a personal passion of mine - the cards just talk to me - Deb Bull

All the services at Soul Evolution have a philosophical or spiritual foundation.  We offer a diverese range of services - Tarot, Reiki, Numerology, Meditation, Self Development, Mediumship and Much more.  Our services are always evolving and we are regularly offering new workshops and classes to maintain your interest and enhance your own learning.  

We cater for those wanting a personal journey and those wishing to become a Professional in the Spiritual Healing Industry - either/or is fine.  I did a Tarot Course 13 years ago and found my own true Vocation.  Many people have done the same and continue to.  Soul Evolution hopes to offer you a sense of belonging and purpose - our aim is to see you reaching twoards your own highest and grandest dreams and potential.  We provide all the resources, tools and support to help you get there.



PACKAGES with Soul Evolution

These packages are designed to suit many different needs.

Burnt out - need some much needed "time for you"

Got a problem - unsure about your next steps?

Just curious?

There is a package for everybody - click on the LINK for more info

Vouchers at Soul Evolution - Click on the link for more information - 

Vouchers - Xmas, Birthday, Thank You

 A Unique Gift Idea!


Email Read - $40 - great for those who only have a few question or live in a remote location. For more info click on this link

In person Readings - tarot and channelled

30 minute readings = $60 - for those wanting quick answers

1 Hour reading - $105 - Guidance, Direction and Comfort Tarot and Psychic Readings

2 Hour Reading - $165 - for those who like to take their time. Explore your life on a deeper level.Tarot and Psychic Readings

All readings must be booked - For further information on readings click on the link 

Numerology Profiles (20 pages) - A Gift for life - discover why you are here and what you are meant to be reaching towards

- $110 - Fully bound profile

- $95 - Report sent electronically


SPECIAL - Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing - A total experience - $155 - Get  some much needed guidance and direction and finish off with a relaxing Reiki Healing - Spoil yourself!

Special "Packages" available - a Wonderufl Gift Idea - share with a friend or treat yourself to some well rounded healing and guidence - Link