Debra Bull – Founder and Creator of – “Soul Evolution” – The Academy for Meditation and Self Discovery.

Debra has been working professionally in the Metaphysical Industry for over a decade. She has worked mainly on the Mornington Peninsula – writing, teaching and developing her own metaphysical and spiritual courses, continuing to grow and develop her own unique vision. For many years now, Debra has endeavoured to merge the metaphysical and the mainstream worlds. She is a strong believer that these two worlds should live in harmony – and she hopes to achieve her vision through her own unique brand of spiritual and metaphysical teaching. She also hopes to bring awareness to an industry that does seem to be clouded in misunderstanding and “mystery”. Spiritual principles and philosophies are really just common sense – the common sense that seems to have gone missing in our world today.

Debra’s own approach is one of common sense – she approaches her spirituality in a grounded and realistic manner – however she also respects the rights of other’s beliefs and practices. She believes in delivering her knowledge in a manner that other people will easily understand. Spirituality and Philosophy does not need to be confusing – it can simply and very easily guide you to a life of wonder, purpose and satisfaction. Through Soul Evolution, Debra hopes to bring spirituality into the modern world and make it very “user friendly”, understandable and very applicable in your human life. Her goal is to take the mystery out of the mystical and open this wonderful world to a wider audience.

Debra is also very passionate about sharing her own journey of recovery from “Alcoholism”. I spent some 15 years drinking alcoholically – a disease that would cause untold trouble in my life. The trouble came to an end when the alcohol led me to a dead end. I had reached my own personal rock bottom. I was left with two options – suicide – or get help. I chose to get help. Thank God I did. I am now some 10 years sober, having spent many years attending recovery meetings. I became very involved in my own recovery – leading me to become very interested in the recovery of others. Helping other struggling alcoholics “helped” me – and it certainly did not hurt them. I seemed to have found the tonic I needed for my own continued recovery and self discovery journey. 

My own recovery coupled with my own spiritual studies made for a very powerful recovery and “inspirational change” in my own life. I found my passion and purpose – I found the medicine to make me feel better. Finding this passion and purpose has driven my own determination to reach out and help others. Without sounding corny – it really does make me feel worthy when I am helping others. Something inside glows – “my soul”! The feeling alone has propelled this journey and continues to. Debra encourages anybody struggling with any addictive behaviour to look towards the Meditation and Self Discovery courses at Soul Evolution – they are extremely beneficial. Debra has not only written and developed these courses she also teaches them with her own depth of experience – REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

The Mystical side of the spiritual world is one Debra wishes to unveil to a wider audience. She hopes to show the wonder, imagination and inspiration that can be uncovered through engaging with your own intuitive and psychic senses. Debra is an accomplished Tarot Intuitive and Psychic Channel having been professionally reading for some 10 years. She believes EVERYBODY is psychic – we only need help to unlock and understand our unseen senses. She hopes to bring awareness to the world of the mystical through showing how these “crafts” can improve, enlighten and strengthen your own human existence. The Mystical and Psychic Crafts taught at Soul Evolution are all done under the guidance of a trained professional. Debra has a strong belief that  Psychic crafts are here to guide, assist and lead us towards our highest choices. They are not to be used as a party trick or to only give “hit predictions”. There is always a predictive element to any Psychic craft – however the higher purpose is one of healing, direction and guidance. All of the courses and psychic classes at Soul Evolution are taught with this principal in mind.

The Relaxation and Stress Relief offered at Soul Evolution is invaluable. Debra is a strong believer that stress and anxiety can create disease and physical illness. Continued stress will ultimately lead to some form of physical ailment. The energy of stress needs to go somewhere! If it is not released through surrender, relaxation or stress relief the energy will “implode” – meaning it will turn inwards on the body. It needs to be released in order to maintain physical, mental and emotional health. Life is busy and demanding – many people to please and not enough self worth to please yourself.

We end up tired, exhausted and just burnt out. Meditation and relaxation are the keys to good inner health. Good inner health means good outer health. Learn to slow down the mental chatter, relax your overactive body and balance your frazzled emotions. Meditation is the KEY!!!! So much can be achieved from Meditation. Learning to still your mind will give you the inspiration, energy and vitality you may have been searching for in other places. Meditation will slow down the ageing process, assist physical ailemnts, assist with pain relief and give you a “glow” that will radiate from within you.

Debra provides a safe, warm and cosy environment – one where you can easily relax and unwind from the stresses of your life. Soul Evolution also offers the “body” services that can assist your own “health and wellbeing". Remedial and Therapeutic massage treatments, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Relaxation Massage are all available at Soul Evolution.

Debra has a strong belief in the philosophy of “belonging”. A sense of belonging brings out the best in people. Soul Evolution hopes to provide the “haven” where ALL people can feel safe, accepted and welcome. When people feel safe and accepted they can reach towards their highest potential – the potential to shine.

About Debra

Debra has worked FULL TIME in the professional spiritual arena for over a decade – a passion, dream and purpose that has delivered and continues to deliver enormous inner satisfaction. She hopes to guide others towards reaching their own highest potential – that of following their dreams. There is nothing better!!!!!

Dr. RUTH MASSAS – Senior Massage Therapist

Soul Evolution is very fortunate to have the talents of Ruth.  She is an experienced and accomplished Massage Therapist having been practicing professionally  for nearly 8 years however. Her own knowledge of the “body” extends way before this. Ruth also has a PHD in Medical Science. She worked as a Medical Scientist, researching subjects such as bone structures and arthritic conditions. Ruth displayed an interest in the “metaphysical” side of life some 10 years ago, and began to study many different metaphysical crafts with outstanding results. She has won Tarot and Numerology scholarships along with studying extensively in “body” treatments. She is a qualified Remedial and Therapeutic Therapist, Reflexologist and Shiatsu practitioner. Her own knowledge of the physical body and her own intuitive and metaphysical approach gives Ruth the extra edge. She is also a Reiki 3 Master granting her a “higher level” energy to all her treatments. A treatment with Ruth is highly suggested if you are needing any “body” work.

Ruth’s Resume:

-Remedial and Therapeutic Practictioner
-Shiatsu Therapist
-Relaxation Massage
-Reiki 3 Master
- PHD Medical Science
-Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry Qualified

Greg Riley - Independent Medium

Soul Evolution is very pleased to have Greg Riley sharing his skills and talents with us.  Greg is an accomplished Medium, one who has studied and practised for many years now.  Greg has shown a committment and dedication to his craft that is only realised in his incredible talents and gifts.  Greg performs platform readings through the spiritual church along with offering his own "personal readings and services" through his own enterprise - Greg Riley.  At Soul Evolution Greg shares the "stage" with Deb (founder of Soul Evolution) where they both deliver a night of personal insight to an exclusive audience.  Greg and Deb share very similar philosophies and both operate from a grounded and realistic perspective.  Their goal is to bring healing and awareness to your human life.  Greg also shares his knowlede throguh his Mediumship circles at Soul Evolution.  Run on Monday evenings (class is FULL) - however spots do become available (put your name down for the next available place).  Greg is currently appearing in the UPCOMING - THE ONE - on Channel 7 - Greg's business website address is:

Rene Paverd - Reiki Master and Teacher

Soul Evolution is extremely pleased to welcome Rene who will be teaching the Reiki (3) Workshops along with co - running the Reiki healing circles.  Rene is a trained and experienced Usui Reiki Master who has been practising for over a decade. 

She is a true Reiki representative - she really walks her path - a gentle and loving soul.  When you meet Rene you will see the light shine from her.  Rene is committed to her spiritual path and has continued with her metaphysical learning through undertaking a professional Numerology Certificate Course and a Professional Certificate Tarot Course. 

Rene offers a sense of maturity and life experience along with a beautiful and caring nature.  Her delivery is in accordance with the the Reiki Principals.  Being aligned and attuned by Rene in her Reiki Workshops will prove an uplifting and enlighteningexperience.

Adam Teeuwson

Soul Evolution is very pleased to welcome Adam Teeuwson to their team of Professionals.  Adam has been a committed spiritualist for well over a decade.  He has studied many different crafts extensively having become a Meditation Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Seichim level 1, Ra sheeba masters, Certificate in holistic communications, Sound vibration healing, Ear candling and a Certificate in past life regression. 

He is also very involved in the spiritual community having founded the EH meetup group - an organisation founded to bring together spiritual professionals and spiritual enthusiasts to share knowledge and skills.  Adam will be teaching Past Life Regression along with performing Past Life Regression Healing (1 on 1) at Soul Evolution.  He is a committed professional who offers a caring and genuine approach along with a passionate love of his craft.

For more information on Adam's EH Meet up group please visit the following link - EH meet up group

Kate Milardovic - Tarot and Psychic Evolution Teacher

Kate has been reading and teaching the Tarot for nearly a decade.  A committed Tarot enthusiast and a true Professional - Kate is an absolute natural when it comes to Tarot.  Her passion and love of the craft shines through in her readings and her life knowledge and wisdom offer high level guidance. 

Kate comes from a beautiful heart space - she is a natural nurturer.  A mother of 5 children she understands the concept of unconditional love.  Kate is also a committed spiritual mentor and guide - she has shown a deep passion for the "spiritual field" for a long time and has actively pursued her studies and further learning.  Soul Evolution is VERY pleased to have Kate as part of the team of professionals and part of our spiritual "family".  She is a genuine, compassionate and kind human being and a TRUE PROFESSIONAL - she really cares.

Brad Austen – Meditation cd production and Graphic Design

Brad has been actively studying and learning metaphysics and spirituality for many years now. Committed to his craft Brad has also produced 4 Meditation CD’s now (one co-produced with Debra Bull). Brad is also a graphic designer and has his own spiritual website - If you are considering producing a new age cd - it is recommended you contact Brad for quality work.