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EMAIL READINGS – with Debra Bull – Using both the Tarot cards and channelling skills the following information was sourced! I do hope you enjoy your reading but more important gain some valuable guidance and healing.

Question 1/

When will my finances improve?

Firstly I see a lot of fear surrounding money – fear of having it and fear of not having it.  The fear of having it I feel is the misuse of it – recklessness with your spending.  The fear of not having it is restriction and difficulties in paying your bills.

Money attitudes it appears were formed while young.  A parent may have had a very strong focus on money while you were young – so much so it formed your current day attitudes.  Firstly you need to focus on abundant thinking – believing you deserve wealth and material comfort.  Some form of discipline will be needed – there appears to be an addictive or reckless side to you.

Money is tight for many at present – you will need to come up with some new and innovative ideas – time for you to think outside the square.  Doing so will open up some new avenues of income.  Do not just rely on your current source – there needs to be some form of change implemented.  A new idea perhaps – time to put it into action rather than thinking about it.  Your ideas are better than you think – your capacity to earn money is actually very good.  You show a better than average capacity to generate income in many different ways.  Your ways are not conventional – they fall outside the norm – but they will be sought after.  Extra income is indicated through doing so – some immediately and some later on.

You need to get motivated and innovative if you wish your financial situation to improve.  Allowing yourself to become stale will only see you falling further behind.  Be very careful of spending more than you earn at this moment in time.

Question 2/

My relationship has had a few issues lately – will we sort through them?

I see a good connection between the two of you – one worthy of effort.  All relationships go through their ups and downs – yours is no different.  You will need to be very careful not to allow resentment to filter into your relationship – this appears to be an issue for you internally.  Share your concerns with you partner – however I feel there is a blockage at the moment.  You appear to be at the point where you have given up trying – too hard.  It is likely you have tried on many occasions to share your concerns and felt shut down in some way.   Keep trying – keep going – do not give up.   Your partner hears you – but I feel they need more time in processing than you.

Counselling of some sort is recommended – not because the relationship is in dire straights- more so to ease out some of the communication difficulties. You need to be heard – this screams loudly to me.  You may have felt unheard for much of your life – hence your disappointment now.  Strength is required – but something tells me you are very strong and determined.

Do not engage in the fights – I hear some very bad words – I feel your rows are quite feisty and sometime vicious in nature.  Be very careful of the words that come out – sometimes they cut deep and leave scars.  When things get fiery – walk away if you can and allow yourself to calm down – better results will follow.  Your relationship is more than skin deep – it has a depth that is well worth the effort.  Put the work in – both of you and you will overcome the hump.  I feel the two of you are very well suited on a deep level.

Question 3/

I feel spirit is with me – can you confirm?

A male energy – shows me the sign of Taurus.  Gardens were important for some reason and he shows me he saw your first step.

There was a lot of darkness in this man’s life – depression, mental illness or addictions of some sort.  There were periods of being in an institution or hospital of some sort.  This man is shown as a cobra – mostly quiet – yet times when he would strike.  The smell of smoke tells me he may have been a heavy smoker. He shows me football – he either played or supported the football.

He keeps showing me his feet – for some reason they were important.  Maybe he did a lot of walking.  Maybe his feet were injured in some way.

The letter A and T is shown – possibly his name?  I see a military ship – perhaps he was in the navy or military.

His message – life may feel like a juggle at times – but you are managing better than you think.  A big change is ahead – a positive one.  You have been accruing many credits in the bank – so to speak.  Rewards will come soon.  Stay on the path – do not veer – keep putting one foot forward – day at a time.  I am with you for every step

Question 4/

What direction should I be heading towards for the best results?

You have chosen a life that involves some form of sacrifice.  You will learn best through experience – you will slow your evolutionary journey through repeating the same mistakes over and over.  Your journey is more experiential rather than intellectual – you will learn best through trial and error rather than textbook learning however your strong instincts will be worthy of developing.  You have a vision – one grander than most.  You are a big dreamer – and you do have big abilities.  Action will be important – do not become lazy or sidetracked – which you may find yourself doing.

Your best results will come through heading towards the path that excites you in a positive way – the path that motivates you.  Enthusiasm is a key to look for.  If you are feeling bored or uninspired you are on the wrong path. Some form of psychology work stands out.

You are not here to take – you are here to give in some way. You are here to impart some form of care-giving – some form of help to others.  You will best help through drawing on your experience – you will have a vast amount to draw on.  Yours is an innate wisdom – one that comes from within.  You will have knowings – especially psychological knowings.  You are a master of understanding the emotions, feelings and psychology of others – it is instinct – a soul gift.  Gaining some form of qualification will assist you greatly – you will be a natural at helping those who have lost direction.

Question 5/

Why do I have such challenges with my mother?

You and your mother have lived before and will continue to until you get it right.   She is limited in some capacity in this life – she does not have the instincts you have.  I see a simple yet complex woman – one who bears many scars.  Your mother has suffered – mostly in silence.  Her suffering has turned to hate and she sadly has directed this anger towards you.  There are aspects about you that challenge her – you are direct and you have fought many battles and won – she is jealous and threatened by this.

There are many buried secrets with your mother – many cannot be seen she has locked them away so tightly.  Answers are unlikely from her – you will be well served to stop searching.  I see she has been dragged through the mud in some way.  There are many question marks surrounding her – many questions that will sadly go unanswered.

There are many fractures – it appears you have shared lives that date back to Egyptian times??? I am shown pyramids.  What this tells me is there is a deep karmic nature to the relationship – one that is still yet to be healed.  You have been given the tools to heal this karma – she has not.  She is limited – I see her hands bound.  This release will be up to you – surrender and forgiveness.  Acceptance is another key for your release.  It appears that you are the one that can change this – she is not.  She appears very stuck in her ways.  It will be up to you in this lifetime to make the necessary effort.

I see the egg timer being turned continually – as one side empties the egg timer is turned around to start again.  IN other words – this journey seems to be never ending at this point.  Both of you appear too hurt, stubborn or unwilling to take the steps necessary. If you wish to discontinue this karmic life with her you need to “release the pain and see the beauty in the lesson” – a difficult ask I know – but only you are capable of doing so in this life.

Has your mother done you wrong in this life – yes – but no at the same time.  On a human level a difficult time – on a soul level – just perfect.  This can be hard to hear at times – but the only way to release this partnership is to let go and find a sense of acceptance in the perfection of it.  You are holding on too hard to her acceptance – you are not likely to get your wish in this life – you must accept and love yourself.  Her views on love are tarnished with pain – she loves you as best she can.  It is important you know this.

I wish you well on your journey – if you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me – Deb Bull

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