Meditation and Self Awareness 6 week journey

Find the stillness and self worth within.

· Is your life becoming overwhelming?

· Are life burdens and responsibilities weighing you down?

· Does the mental chatter keep you awake at night?

· Are unhealthy habits or behaviours leaving you disempowered? 

–  Do you feel as though your life is at a standstill?

If you answered YES to any of those questions you may benefit through undertaking this 5 week “Self Awareness” journey. This course aims to give your life a “kick start” and get it moving again. We aim, by the end of the 5 week journey, to see you inspired and self empowered enough to “take charge” of your own life. This journey aims to give you the tools to live a meaningful, peaceful and satisfying life. This weekly workgroup will give you the tools to “manage” life in a smoother and calmer manner. What will this course cover?

  • Understanding and identifying your patterns of behaviour and habits – your deeper and subconscious motivations
  • Tie cutting and surrender techniques – learn how to let go of toxic habits, behaviours, people and situations
  • Standing in your deservedness – positivity and self worth techniques – how to believe in YOU
  • Relaxation, Meditation and Stress release techniques – how to release and manage “stress” through meditation and focus work
  • How to Manifest the “life” you deserve – visualisation and manifestation techniques

This course can provide you the tools to manage the “chaos” in your life – learn how to flow with life rather than resist it!

I am a recovered alcoholic (over 18 years sober) – which has provided me a wealth of knowledge in the areas of addictions, behaviours and habits. I ran an AA beginners group in Frankston for 12 months and have been an active member of AA for many years, granting me a working knowledge of “life” and addictions. I have written and run Self Discovery programmes for over a decade (both for Adults and Children) – sharing my own journey of recovery and inspiration. This course comes from personal experience – these techniques helped me find peace and purpose in my own life (after 20 years of hitting brick walls) – I hope they help you. – Deb Bull

Next course – Wednesday – 13th March – 7pm till 9.30pm – $40 per class pay as you go (eftpos available)

Bookings are essential

0499 019 596