Tarot – the visual storyteller

– A Psychic and Channeling Craft!

Tarot is a popular divining craft – one that has been guiding and helping people for centuries.  The Tarot is a wonderful tool for self realization and self empowerment.  The purpose of Tarot is to guide you towards your highest potential.

The Tarot is visual in nature – which adds to its popularity.  As such there is a story to be seen and told.  Tarot really is a visual storyteller.  It tells the story of your life – as it is NOW.  Tarot connects to the subconscious energy granting it the capacity to always see the bigger picture, the true reality and the deeper core patterns.  Tarot can predict the future – but not with certainty. NOBODY can predict the future with certainty.  Your own free choice predicts your own future.  Your own actions dictate the consequences coming your way.  Tarot can only see your current patterns and behaviour and show the outcomes based on those actions.  Change the actions and the consequences change.  Tarot as such can grant amazing levels of self empowerment through so clearly highlighting potential consequences.

Tarot is a wonderful tool for guidance and direction in your relationships, career and life in general.  Through connecting with your subconscious the Tarot can highlight deeper patterns and behaviours.  Essentially it can help you understand why you do the things you do and why you react and respond the way you do.  More importantly, Tarot can also provide higher level guidance and direction for any problems, difficulties and issues you may be experiencing.  No issue is too small or too big for the Tarot.

The Tarot is not just a psychic and intuitive craft it is a “counseling” craft, one that can steer you towards the direction in life that will serve you best.

What issues can a Tarot reading help me with:

  • Relationships – intimate, family and friendship
  • Career and Vocation
  • Personal growth and direction
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Addictions and unhealthy habits
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Future direction
  • Past behaviour
  • Understanding the people in our life
  • Understanding loss, heartbreak and grief

Can I learn to Read the Tarot Cards?Yes. Tarot is a wonderful craft to learn because of its visual nature.  It is a wonderful craft to BEGIN your spiritual learning.  I personally began my studies with Tarot.  It gave me a wonderful platform of knowledge which gave me a wonderful base in which to continue my spiritual learning.  Tarot can be learnt by ANYBODY.  You need no special skill or “gift” to learn the Tarot.  Everybody is psychic so you will already have the gift.  Tarot is a wonderful craft that can assist your own psychic gifts to emerge.  Being visual you can often SEE what you feel.  Tarot will give you instant validation which will only enhance your own capacity to trust.  The biggest stumbling block for many people learning a psychic craft is their own ability to ‘TRUST’.  Tarot helps to strengthen your own psychic trust through its own visual nature.

The certificate coruse at Soul Evolution is designed to teach you both the fundamentals of the Tarot cards but to also trust in your own psychic and intuitive perceptions.  This Tarot course brings the Tarot into the modern world and will teach you how to interpret modern day issues through the tarot cards.  The Tarot is taught through enhancing and encouraging your own psychic and creative reading tenhniques.

While there is theory involved in this course – there has to be, we try to engage you in many different interactive exercises designed to strengthen your own Tarot interpretation and understanding.  This is a fun course – yet also a very serious one.  This course can prepare you to become a professional Tarot Reader or you may just want to learn for your own personal development and interest.

Tarot Course Outline

Week 1

– Elements – what are they

– Symbology overview

– Aces and Twos

– Mini Readings

Week 2

– 3’s – 4’s

– Creative Reading – 3 card spread

– Class Reading – Relationship and Vocation Reading

Week 3

– 5 – 6’s

– Expanding on a card

– Class Reading – General

Week 4

– 7 – 8’s

– How to use the Pendulum in a reading

– Class Reading – Using the pendulum

Week 5

9 -10’s

Class reading

Week 6

– Court Cards – Wands

– The Celtic Cross Spread

– Class Reading – using the Celtic Cross

Week 7

Court Cards – Cups

Class reading using Pendulum

Week 8

– Court Cards – Swords

– Channelling in a reading

– Class Reading – own choice

Week 9

Court Cards – Pentacles

Class reading

Week 10

–  Major Arcana –  0 (The Fool) – 6 (The Lovers)

– Creative reading techniques

– Distant Reading – doing a reading for somebody not present

Week 11

– Major Arcana – 7 Chariot – 10 (The Wheel of Fortune

Class reading

Week 12

Major Arcana

11 (Justice) – 16 (The Tower)

– Psychometry – What is it and how to incorporate into a reading – opening your channelling skills

– Week 13

Major Arcana

17 (The Star) – 21 (The World)

– Modern Day issues

Week 14

Practising your Tarot readings – Abstract Tarot readings

– Week 15

Psychic Development – Combining your Intuitive self with the cards – practical exercises – Meditation

Week 16

Counselling Techniques

Problems you may encounter in a reading

Distant reading for a stranger

Week 17, 18, 19 are set aside for any catch ups or practice

Week 20

Reading for a Guest

Presentation of Certificates


Start DateThursday evening 7th February – 7pm till 9.30pm – (every Thursday evening for 20weeks)

How Much:  $45 per week (professional certificate presented at the completion of 15 weeks) – Bookings Essential – all major credit cards and eftpos accepted. – Teacher – Deb Bull – notes provided

Where: -Soul Evolution – 9 Riviera Street, Seaford 3198

Phone: 0499 019 596 OR Email: enquiries@soulevolution.net.au

Web: www.soulevolution.net.au